Swimming Pools for Accommodation Facilities

We design and offer swimming pools for accommodation facilities, such as hotels, hostels, resorts, camping sites, holiday homes, bed & breakfasts.

SWIMMING POOLS FOR COLLECTIVE USE: beautiful, practical and resistant

The existence of swimming pools for relaxation and fun in resorts and fitness centers drastically increases customer attraction, not to mention the added value to the place as a whole. Piscine Arcobaleno creates swimming pools for hotels and residences, villages, farmhouses, water parks, condominiums, fitness centers, and gyms. All pool systems are made in full compliance with current architectural and safety regulations and can adapt to any design, even with extremely unrestricted and original shapes that are completed with precise finishes. The architectural beauty of the swimming pool is joined with highly durable and resistant structures that require very limited maintenance. Also available is a wide range of extra features for increased enjoyment in the pool such as hydromassage beds, water slides, and water attractions.