Redevelopment of swimming pools

Renew your pool to become like a new facility and to enjoy it! Piscine Arcobaleno offers you professional and technologically advanced solutions for the restoration and renovation of obsolete structures without destructive interventions on the pool.

Have you already owned a swimming pool for several years and are you thinking about its aesthetic makeover? Or does your swimming pool have problems with the sealing or inefficiency of the treatment plants?


If you need to restructure your facility (totally or partially), we offer advanced technological solutions, including the patented RenovAction system by Piscine Castiglione, for the redevelopment of both public and private swimming pools.

We offer solutions that allow the complete restoration of structures and obsolete systems (renovation of deteriorated coatings, replacement of pipes, filters and motors, insertion of new elements) without the need for destructive interventions on the existing pool, and therefore with a significant saving of time and restructuring costs.

Contact the professionals of Piscine Arcobaleno to renovate your swimming pool: you will have a system with a guarantee of quality and equal duration to a new one.