Hydrotherapy Pools 

The special pools of Piscine Arcobaleno for hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. It gives comfort and functionality for optimal treatment in the water.

Piscine Arcobaleno creates special pools for physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and rehabilitation centers with swimming pool structures and equipment suitable for guaranteeing an optimal therapeutic value for the system. We design each swimming pool (we also work with pre-existing environments) in collaboration with specialists in the sector, based on the various paths and exercises to be carried out for each type of therapy.

We also supply all the equipment and technical allocations which is necessary for the therapy in water:

  • Large access stairs
  • Ergonomic handrails
  • Depth at different heights for progressive and differentiated therapies
  • Hydromassages with multiple therapeutic jets
  • External walkways to assist employees in activities
  • Descent ramps for wheelchairs
  • Lifting hoists for patients
  • Endless Pool
  • Shoulder rests and motor equipment for forearms
  • Portholes and windows in the walls to control the swimming pool tub activities.