Residential Swimming Pools

A swimming pool in the garden or on the terrace, a corner of happiness. A refined oasis of pleasure and well-being, that is more accessible than you think today, directly at your home.

A swimming pool makes life and your home more beautiful.

Pleasant company, the notes of music in the background, the enchanting reverberation of lights in the water of an illuminated pool … what more than this evocative setting can make your party unforgettable? And what can be more regenerating than a healthy swim, in the relaxation of your home or fun like diving and games in the water with the contagious joy of children?

Setting up a swimming pool in your garden or on your terrace is one of the best ways to live well, with joy and health, as well as to increase the value of your property by far greater than the initial expense incurred. In fact, the necessary economic investment is more affordable than you think: generally, the cost of a medium-sized car. Furthermore, swimming remains the most practiced physical activity by Italians.

Piscine Arcobaleno can create the pool that best suits your needs, more in line for style and functionality with your wishes, with the guarantee of our twenty-year professionalism, to ensure your system: high technological quality, refined design, long life, complete assistance. An excellent service to help you in all phases of construction, from the initial logistical inspection to periodic maintenance, which makes use of the high standards of quality and technology guaranteed by our experience and consolidated by the partnership with Piscine Castiglione.

10 Practical Tips

Before choosing which pool to buy, it is always important to know. The following are, therefore, 10 practical tips to better guide your purchasing choices. Valid general indications, but always customizable according to the architectural context and your specific needs. For this reason, we always invite you to contact our technical staff before making decisions: our know-how and our professionalism can really help you make your personal pool dream come true.


It is essential to install the pool in the sun, because the water heats up faster. Not too close to the trees to prevent leaves from falling into the water, but near toilets and showers for a hygienic use of the pool.


To find out all about the different materials and techniques with which the system can be built, we refer you to the section on the pool.

Here you will find all the information on the components of a swimming pool: structure, lining, water recirculation and filtration, accessories.


Even according to worldwide statistics, the classic rectangular shape is the one that fits best in all settings, perhaps refined with rounded corners and appendages. This is if you want to use the pool not only for simple fun, but also for serious physical exercise with swimming.


The access stairways are very beautiful and comfortable, designed to be used instead of the classic steel ladder. They facilitate entry into the water even for less agile people and become pleasant resting and play areas for children. It can also be very pleasant to insert a whirlpool area: the higher cost will certainly be repaid by the pleasant relaxation that you can have.

It is also decidedly useful to provide a lighting system for your swimming pool: you will have the double advantage of creating an evocative night setting in the garden and making your home better lit and, therefore, safer.


The surrounding flooring must be slightly inclined towards the outside in order to drain both the water used during cleaning the floor and the rain water. In regions where there is a lot of wind, the level should be about 40 cm higher than in the garden, obtaining a seat all around or on some sides, and masking the others with bushes and a wide access stairway.


The autumn-winter season is the most suitable for building or redeveloping your pool. It allows, in fact, the work to be carried out in compliance with all the appropriate technical times, without suffering the pressing need to conclude hastily, and it allows you to take full advantage of the system for the whole summer, with swimming pool and garden already perfectly arranged and functioning. In addition, it allows considerable savings on construction costs, thanks to significant discounts often applied in off-seasons.

However, it should be considered that the purchase of a modern prefabricated swimming pool (such as the BlueStyle and Myrtha Design lines of Piscine Castiglione) allows a significant reduction of time and labor, such that it can be completely installed in less than a month.


The pool doesn’t need to be too big, but it needs to be well equipped and automated. A 5 × 10 or 6 × 12 pool is the average size indicated for a villa, to be adapted in any case according to the specific characteristics of the place.


Normally, 100-120 cm of water in the lower part for the comfort and safety of children and the less experienced, and 180 cm in the deepest area, sufficient to obtain an ideal environment for most people. For those with a passion for diving, a hopper pit about 2.5 meters high is also provided.

Buy only the spaces you need: greater widths and volumes also lead to higher costs for the filtration system and maintenance.


It is necessary to equip the pool with a recirculation and filtration system with multiple suction outlets, evenly distributed along the entire pool, to avoid stagnation and dead zones.

For cleaning the bottom of the tank, walls and access stairs, it is also ideal to equip the pool with an automatic robot with independent electrical power. Choose from among the different models currently on the market: it will guarantee an optimal level of hygiene and a considerable saving of time, allowing you to enjoy all the pleasure of the pool without effort on your part.


The floor around the pool must be non-slip, resistant to frost, easy to clean, and must harmonize well with the aesthetics of the house.

The cheapest solutions are opus incertum, made of granite or porphyry and tiles with surface gravel and the like, made of non-slip material for humid environments.

More expensive and elegant are the squared stone and wood, very pleasant to the touch but requires more maintenance. Finally, terracotta is aesthetically beautiful but not very resistant to frost and chlorinated water.