Pools for Spa and Wellness Centers

A proposal for well-being from Arcobaleno Wellness: the magic of a special moment. To take care of yourselves, leaving the world outside.


From Spas to saunas and steam baths to treatments with sounds, scents, lights, and colors, a perfect mix of ancient remedies and technology for wellness within the home.

Dedicate yourself to personal care, awaken your senses and rediscover positive energy: a need felt by an increasing number of people and the reason there is a growing demand for wellness, health, and therapy in our country. A need and, at the same time, a pleasure that can become a daily habit when you have a cozy relaxation space within the walls of your own home.

Piscine Arcobaleno can help you create a real Therapeutic space to enjoy the beneficial anti-stress and regenerating treatments typical of a Spa or a thermal center even in the privacy of your own house. With the installation and complete set up of: mini pools with hydromassage (Salus Per Aquam), cabins for saunas and Turkish baths, experiential showers, Kneipp paths, ice falls, equipped on request, with chromotherapy, aromatherapy, and music therapy systems. Solutions for relaxation and well-being that combine modern technology, accuracy of details and wealth of accessories to guarantee safety, functionality and refined design.

On your return from work, after dinner or on weekends … Pamper yourself, enjoy the  pleasure of relaxing and releasing beneficial energies : a healthy luxury and affordable economic investment to be enjoyed anytime.


The precious benefits of the relaxing force and the healthy energy of moving water.

Since most ancient cultures, water has always been used for personal care and well-being.

Immersing yourself in a steaming hot pool with hydromassage jets means giving yourselves a pleasant break to recover harmony and psycho-physical balance. In fact, there are several advantages that even a few minutes of a massage inside a heated mini pool can produce on the body.

For health, because it helps:

  • Relax the body and decongest the muscle groups
  • Dispose of toxins and lactic acid
  • Increase the functionality of the organs (in particular, the liver and kidneys)
  • Recover a deeper and regenerating sleep
  • Eliminate psychosomatic disorders

For physical fitness, because it is useful for:

  • Tone your muscles
  • Lose weight and reduce the fat mass
  • Facilitate the dissolution of cellulite
  • Recover energy and rhythm
  • Achieve better physical and mental efficiency

For pleasure, because it is useful for:

  • Relieving stress and fatigue
  • Pampering and caring for yourself
  • Giving yourself moments of lightness and freedom
  • Meeting and being together with your partner and friends
  • Finding the best side of each day


Return all the attention it deserves to your bodies.

SPA, or all the well-being of the water: warmth, thrust and movement, combined together to give relaxation and energy in an oasis of perfect serenity. Few things in the world can help you find harmony with yourself more than a warm and regenerating massage in a pool full of effervescent bubbles of water, improve your mental and physical state and intensely enjoy a moment dedicated only for loving yourself.

Alone or with a partner, being enveloped by the comfortable embrace of the water is an extremely enticing way to take care of yourselves in total calm, away from stress.

A pleasure that Piscine Arcobaleno can help you fully achieve. In fact, we take care of installing and setting up SPA mini-pools with hydromassage for private use and for wellness and spa centers. All the Piscine Arcobaleno SPAs combine, in an elegant structure, comfort, ease of use and refined design to give moments of true pleasure to share with loved ones.

A SPA in your home means just that: a body of water in a limited space, but capable of containing all your desires for happiness, like an ocean, all year round.

Have you already identified the area – inside or outside your home, where you would like your new SPA mini pool? Contact Piscine Arcobaleno to create your mini SPA with customized solutions of all sizes, harmonious with the surrounding environment and with attention to all details, from accessories to fine finishes.



The healthy steam of the hammam and the pleasure of a lovely conversation with friends to reinvigorate and regenerate the body and mind, gently eliminating toxins and stress: an ancient ritual but with an always current charm.


Treat yourselves with a hot bath, a treatment appreciated since ancient times. A Finnish or infrared sauna cabin (particularly suitable for those who have problems using sweating systems at high temperatures) offers just that: a break to find yourselves in a warm embrace, a moment where everything slows down, ideal for invigorating the body and to calm the nervous system, away from worries.


The water in sensual combination with other elements: aromatic essences, color variations, alternation of lights, relaxing music, or sounds of nature. In a wonderful rediscovery of pleasant sensations that make tensions and fatigue slip away, giving lightness to the body and improving the mood. An experience of profound pleasure that will be difficult to give up after the first time.


After the heat, the cold. After the sauna or the Turkish bath, an ice crystal massage is ideal for giving the body a rich boost of energy, with significant benefits for blood circulation and muscle tone. Thanks to our machines that produce ice flakes, contained within elegant wooden or stone tanks.


Walk on a carpet of smooth river stones (A healthy massage for the soles of the feet) in a hot and cold alternating knee-deep bath for the legs and feet. Providing a temperature contrast that is particularly useful for revitalizing the circulatory system and toning the body’s immune defenses.


To customize the wellness treatment according to your tastes and needs, a large number of furnishing accessories for changing rooms and beauty farms are available, such as wardrobes, armchairs and relaxation beds, benches, tables for aesthetic and therapeutic massages. Sturdy, ergonomic, and valuable design furnishings, built with specially selected top-quality materials.