Pool Accessories

Accessories complete the pool both from an aesthetic and functional point of view, making it a safe, relaxing, and fun place. To help you with your choices, we offer a list of possible useful accessories for your swimming pool.

Conveniently enter the water.


The ladder must ensure comfortable and safe access to the pool. It is generally made of stainless steel, with a single body or composed of two parts, with submerged non-slip steps and the handrail anchored to the outside. In large pools, more than one is usually installed, especially near the trampoline.


To enter the pool comfortably and make the entrance an area of real relaxation, nothing is more elegant and more practical than a large staircase with a pleasant design. For this reason, it is necessary to decide in the design phase which possible positioning and order it together with the swimming pool. The prefabricated stairs are distinguished by their shape: Roman, rectangular, flared, recess, corner; they can also be completed with hydromassage benches, equipped with relative nozzles.

The pleasure of walking on the soft.


Feel your feet sink softly to the bottom of the pool, enjoy the pleasant sensation of walking with the sensation of trampling the sand by the sea, moving in the water in a more comfortable and safe way: these are the advantages offered by the patented Soft walk system of Piscine Castiglione. Thanks to a system based on a soft closed cell foam mattress positioned on the bottom of the pool, which allows greater safety and pleasure during the stay in the water.

A dive into the fun.


For the athletes, but also for the animated movements of adults and children, the trampoline can be inserted in the pools of greater depth, available in different models, according to the needs and design of the pool.

Relaxing in the water is healthy.


For a  pleasant massage into the water along with its beneficial effects, hydromassage systems are available with different features that can be installed: wall nozzles, benches for the correct stimulation of the lumbosacral area and legs, geysers to create a pleasant movement ergonomic air beds on the feet for a full body massage.

A challenge for the athletes.


To train intensively in the privacy of your swimming pool – with the perception of swimming in an Olympic facility – or for those who, however, want to gently move all their muscles, the device for swimming against the current is ideal. A system created to regulate the flow of intensity of the water in order to offer resistance, and allow the person to follow his individual swimming rhythm, immersed in a river of air bubbles revitalizing for the body and spirit.

The suggestion of the play of light.


A night bath in the company of friends, the magical atmosphere created by the reflections of light and color: that is, the charming and enchanting charm of an illuminated swimming pool, to make the warm summer evenings shine with shining magic.

In addition to aesthetically embellishing the whole garden and the entire home. An enchanting effect to be achieved thanks to a series of valid solutions to illuminate the pool: underwater lights recessed in the walls of the structure, colored LEDs with a pleasant and beneficial chromatic play, lights inside the overflow channel that enhance the pool, with seductive shades at the edge of it. Solutions for the lighting of your swimming pool to be customized according to the environment and needs, to fill your guests with amazement and wonder.

Other useful accessories:

The full range of accessories for the swimming pool: covers to maintain water hygiene and temperature and extend the period of use; solar showers; hydro bike for pedaling while immersed; devices for automatic pool cleaning; control units and systems for swimming pool heating disinfection and water treatment products.