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Is the work "turnkey"?

Yes, on request we can deliver the finished pool directly, with the advantageous “clean construction site” service. In fact, thanks to our network of collaborators made up of technicians and various workers, we can coordinate and follow all the technical construction phases: design, compliance with regulatory obligations, construction works, installation and waterproofing of the pool, insertion of the water recirculation and filtering system, setting up with accessories and furnishings, restoration and arrangement of the garden.

In this way, the customer can avoid annoying practical and bureaucratic tasks, and directly enjoy the beauty and well-being of a perfectly functioning swimming pool.

What permits are needed to build a swimming pool?

To build an inground swimming pool for private use with a volume not exceeding 20% ​​of the main building, it is sufficient to submit a start-up report (D.I.A.) to the Municipality, drawn up by a qualified professional.

After 30 days without any objections from the Municipality, it is possible to start work. In the event that the volume to be built is, on the other hand, higher than 20% of the existing house, or when the technical standards of the urban planning tools consider the pertinent interventions “new construction interventions,” due to the particular environmental value of the area, it is necessary to request the building permit from the Municipal Technical Office, with longer waiting times.

In any case, it is advisable to inquire first with the Municipality and the other Authorities authorized to issue authorizations, to verify the compliance of the swimming pool to be built with the rules contained in the regulatory plans, building regulations, and in the urban planning-building regulations in force.

For the construction of public swimming pools or for collective use it is necessary, instead, to refer to the Uni 10637/97 standard which indicates the hygienic-sanitary requirements necessary for this type of structure.

In any case, the staff of Piscine Arcobaleno is at your disposal to give you information and also follow you in the handling of bureaucratic and building procedures.

How long does it take to build a swimming pool?

Construction times vary according to several factors: physical characteristics of the place, technology used for the structure, bureaucratic permits, and period of execution of the works.

Building a reinforced concrete swimming pool, for example, requires longer technical times, due to the necessary curing period of the concrete. A swimming pool made with modular panels in stainless steel or galvanized  –  as is the case with the Myrtha Design and BlueStyle lines by Piscine Castiglione – is quicker and more practical to install.

The period needed to complete the pool is also important –  building a swimming pool in the low season (autumn-winter period) has the advantage of offering shorter construction times than the period of greatest demand, in spring-summer.

On average, however, it is possible to quantify in one month the period of time needed to build a swimming pool of standard dimensions (5 × 10 or 6 × 12) for private use.

What are the parameters to consider when choosing the pool?

Each system is a unique architectural work, which must be designed according to the specific needs of use, the stylistic taste of the client, and the physical characteristics of the place.

For this reason, we believe it is so precious to first study the logistical-functional conditions of the system, to then create the pool more in harmony with the people who have to use it and with the surrounding environment.

The 10 practical tips for choosing your swimming pool contained in the Residential Swimming Pools section can give you a first valid help to guide your choices.

What is the best time to build a swimming pool?

Technically, a swimming pool can be built at any time of the year.

However, purchasing and building the system in the low season months is generally cheaper, thanks to the discounts and concessions that we normally apply during this period and which the customer can take advantage of.


What does a swimming pool cost?

Typically, less than you think. However, it is not possible to indicate an amount prior to a consultation, since the necessary economic investment changes based on different elements which, combined with each other, can cause the final price to vary: size, shape, type of structure, recirculation system of the water, accessories, building costs.

Ask us for a free quote now: it is the best solution to quantify in a concrete and detailed way the expense necessary to build your pool.

What are the annual management costs?

Running a swimming pool has quite limited costs. Expenses include the consumption of water, electricity, and chemicals needed for disinfection.

To standard costs, we must add the higher electricity consumption related to the possible use of automatic cleaners for the pool. For a private swimming pool, on average, the cost required for its complete management can be indicated in an amount between 300 and 500 euros per year.


What must be done for the management of the swimming pool?

Managing a pool is a relatively easy activity, which requires a few simple operations at periodic intervals.

In detail, you will need to:

  • start up the system at the beginning of the season and close it at the end of the period of use
  • carry out a periodic water cleaning treatment (usually once a week)
  • set the technical operations necessary for cleaning the filter (weekly)
  • periodically clean the pool

As an authorized Swimming Pool Service Center of Piscine Castiglione, we provide complete assistance and maintenance service for swimming pools of any type and construction technology. For this, you can contact Piscine Arcobaleno to agree on maintenance contracts suited to your type of need.

How can you clean the pool?

Included with the pool, we provide a cleaning kit for the pool consisting of a hose and a vacuum broom. There are also numerous models of automatic cleaners on the market, real mini-robots with powerful brushes capable of sucking up residues and impurities from the bottom, walls, and even from the access stairs.

What is the most suitable product for cleaning water?

Chlorine remains the most used product, due to the excellent relationship between disinfection quality and price.

Alternatively, bromine, or oxygen-based products can be used, which have the advantage of being more pleasing to the nose but more costly.

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