Pool Linings

This section will give you a better understanding how a swimming pool is made, to discover the different ways in which it can be built, to better target your purchase.

Take a dip” in the different sections of this page: discover how our swimming pools are made and the materials we use in order to better target your purchase. You will find useful information to make your choice easier.

PVC  |  Mortar  |  Glass  |  Ceramic


Many advantages and low costs.

The use of a very thick vinyl cloth membrane, reinforced with non-deformable polyester fabric, hot rolled on steel panels (in the Myrtha Design pools of Piscine Castiglione) or heat-welded on-site with a high-temperature polymerization process (in the line Bluestyle) combines important advantages in a single type of lining, including:

  • Absolute and constant impermeability and hydraulic seal
  • Excellent elasticity, tensile strength, and logistical adaptability
  • Perfect inalterability and hygiene (for the particular antifungal and anti-UV treatment to which PVC is subjected)
  • Pleasant aesthetic customization (choose from a wide array of colors, classic or fashionable, such as light blue, deep blue, sand, gray, white)
  • Pleasant tactile and visual sensation (smooth, does not irritate the skin, does not discolour)
  • Ideal value for money
Pool Linings Sassari


The refined naturalness of the stone.

The mortar, resin and quartzite lining are ideal for those who want to create a setting with a refined natural effect for their swimming pool.

In fact, while, on the one hand, the mixture of mortar and resin guarantees excellent waterproofing, the mixture of crushed stone fragments present in the compound gives a harmonious adaptation of the swimming pool to the environmental context in which it is inserted. Fine lining but with high construction costs, which the customer must necessarily take into account when choosing.

Pool Linings Sassari


Elegant Transparency.

Glass represents a refined alternative for the lining of the swimming pool. The wide choice of colors and stylistic variants allows a considerable degree of customization of the decoration, and emphasizes the transparency, crystallinity and purity of the water. A highly effective solution with high construction costs.


Advantages and limitations of the most classic lining system.

The ceramic klinker and porcelain stoneware tiles lend themselves very well, thanks to the wide range of colors, processes and formats, as an elegant lining for the swimming pool. While, for those looking for an even more refined aesthetic result, mosaic (in particular that in Bisazza glass) is certainly one of the recommended finishes. Traditional solutions that are less popular because of the higher construction and maintenance costs due both to the need to waterproof the structure before proceeding with the tacking, and to the more frequent cleaning operations necessary to remove dirt and algae from the tile seams.

Pool Linings Sassari