Public and Sports Swimming Pools

All the beauty of water: sports, fun, relaxation. Top quality systems designed with  the latest technology in the sector. Swimming pools for champions.

SWIMMING POOLS FOR COLLECTIVE USE: beautiful, practical and resistant

The existence of swimming pools for relaxation and fun in resorts and fitness centers drastically increases customer attraction, not to mention the added value to the place as a whole. Piscine Arcobaleno creates swimming pools for hotels and residences, villages, farmhouses, water parks, condominiums, fitness centers, and gyms. All pool systems are made in full compliance with current architectural and safety regulations and can adapt to any design, even with extremely unrestricted and original shapes that are completed with precise finishes. The architectural beauty of the swimming pool is joined with highly durable and resistant structures that require very limited maintenance. Also available is a wide range of extra features for increased enjoyment in the pool such as hydromassage beds, water slides, and water attractions.


In recent years, interest in water sports has increased significantly, not only for competitive purposes such as swimming, water polo, diving competitions, fitness water but also for personal development and exercise.

With the growing demands of an ever varied user who is increasingly attentive to the type of offer and the quality standards of the systems.

Building sports pools therefore appropriately satisfies the needs of an ever more attentive and numerous public, with suitable structures to guarantee: efficient and precision technical solutions, flexibility and wide functionality of the system.

Piscine Arcobaleno manufactures sports pools (for competitive or amateur activities) that fully comply with the requirements of high technological efficiency and adaptability of the structure to the target of users and the type of use. The swimming pools are built with the Myrtha Design technology of Piscine Castiglione, the prestigious company with which we collaborate (ideal partner of FINA and numerous National Swimming Federations) with consolidated experience in the construction of systems for the largest water sports events worldwide (Olympics, World and European swimming championships, Universiade). These swimming pools can be equipped with a complete series of accessories and equipment, to be used according to the type of competition and activity: movable floor, movable wall, slides and trampolines, safety air cushions, starting blocks, anchoring systems for floating ropes, path markers, platforms and headboards, recesses and recessed steps, portholes for television footage, inspectable perimeter corridor.


Building and managing a public swimming pool has its costs. Not only costs related to the construction of the plant, but also to its management (costs for electricity, water, heating, cleaning, and maintenance). Costs that it are important to quantify carefully, in order to adapt the structure to the available budget and the type of use: this also allows you to estimate the possible economic returns of the facility and, consequently, optimize the investment.

In the design phase, therefore, it is very important that the system developer, management company and construction company work in synergy to design the pool in the most practical and economically convenient way, based on its destination and the context in which it is inserted. Today more than ever, considering that the pool is now a space of water that can be used in various ways by different people (sportsmen, mothers and children, the elderly, the disabled) and with different purposes (swimming and water polo competitions, diving competitions, gymnastics and fitness, leisure and relaxation).

For this reason, we put our professionalism and competence at the service of those champions of efficiency and versatility, who, as directors of companies, institutions, or condominiums, are looking for a qualified project partner who can support them in the construction of swimming pools for public use.